Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wrestlers that took Twitter in a frenzy

Two wrestlers cause twitter in a frenzy due to a gaming tournament.
They work at different wrestling companies.
I know this took place last year.
But, I hope they don't do it again.

One of them has a YouTube channel of well over 1 million subscribers on YouTube.
He is one third of a trio.
He's really crazy when it comes to cosplaying.
Also, he knows two other YouTubers.

The other is a leader of a popular stable.
The hottest wrestler in my opinion.
With those curls that he has.
I don't care if it's blond or grey and black.

They went at it last year and who knows if they will go at it again.
I wish I could see them both.
But, not in my current state.
Not right now.

I am sure Twitter will be in a frenzy again.
But, if more surprises like three YouTubers that I am sure to know.
Who did a Minecraft series with another.
Decided to crash too.

Let me say that the gates of hell has open.
If that EVER happens.
Which I know that won't,
Then the world will know.

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