Monday, May 29, 2017

The picture

My friend Patrick otherwise known as Skits.
Post on the instagram a picture.
With a odd caption on it.
Made me kinda shock.

Made me swear.
Wondering what the heck happened?
Two guys wrestled.
Former student vs. former trainer yet again.

I rather go watch Mike otherwise known as Tim Donst.
Win the title again for his third run.
At least that's more entertainment.
Then that picture.

I wish I did not see.
But, the curiosity got the best of me.
It's hard to let go.
Because why?
I feel that I still care.

But, I rather watch Kenny Omega win the big championship.
At least it's something more better.
I know he well deserve it.
Can't you take me seriously?

I can't blame my friend.
He had to share.
I am just a fool.

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