Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Wedding at the Winery at the Shore

This took place almost two autumns ago.
I was very angry at my mother.
I said to her, "You should not go! I forbid it!"
But, my mother just keep telling me she is going.
The wedding at the winery at the shore.

I did not want her to go.
We don't know the bride, her father, or anyone on that side.
The groom, his brother, and his mother hardy speak to me at all.
The mother has talk to my mother in a rare occasions.
All I know they are acquaintances to us.

But, my mother is in denial.
She says, they are our friends.
I know that bull.
Because they don't invite us out or say anything.
I question her choices and still got angry.
She defy me because she knows "all of her friends" were going.

I got very angry that day.
In fact I walk maybe five miles or was it six.
To the anger that my mother went.
To go to a wedding that to those who are acquaintances to us.
It was sad and pathetic.

However, I felt that she got punished that night.
Her knee was bothering her more.
She should know better not to go.
Because it was very rude by the acquaintances.
To invite her and not me.
The wedding at the winery at the shore.

I know when I get married.
I will not have it there.
Because of the acquaintances.

If I ever decide to get married at a winery.
Might as well be the real deal.
In a foreign country.
That's how I see it.

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