Wednesday, May 28, 2014


She came to the world to live her life.
From being poor to being famous.
She created a legacy.
Books were created.
A movie she directed.
But, she has made many poems.
All related to Civil Rights.
Now she is gone.
She inspired so many.
As she leave this world.
A lot of people cite her poems or quotes.
To those who will remember her.
As thinking to this,
She walk to the gates in the sky and be welcome by all.
But, she will know that she made people to remember her by.

Thank you Maya Angelou for having people to know you.

Rest in Peace


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Winter Blues

So cold.
Staying warm.
Snow on the ground.
Feel that I need the love.
Family can't go anywhere.
I just need him.
To go to that escape.
In my own mind.
Where it's warm,
And we can make out.
But, it's on my mind.
This is so wrong.
I have the winter blues.
Might as well make a song about it.
So, others would know,
How I feel.
After all,
I have the winter blues.