Tuesday, January 22, 2019

My dreams are weird and haunting

I been getting weird dreams that may or may not be haunted.
I don't know why.
But it's starting to become a pattern.
Mention of an individual that you have not watched for a while and suddenly he's there.
I am not sure why or how.
But, maybe because I miss watching them.
But then again, I haven't watched a lot.
So, why him?
Maybe it's his attractiveness.
Maybe you don't know if he's what his character is to be.
Then again, who knows.
Just maybe let go of it.
The dreams won't come true.
You need a better dream.
A dream of someone better.
Someone you watch a lot.
Someone who can make me laugh.

Friday, January 4, 2019

My father is a bad man.

I don't want this to happen.
To do this to me.
Just because it's alright to do it.
It is not.
My father needs to stop acting like he's the man of the house.
He hasn't been living in this house for over a decade.
He comes to my house this morning to find my mother's health cards.
He believes that I know everything.
I don't.
He's says my mother is crazy.
He's wrong.
He show his true colors when he accuses my mother did not pay the bill.
Because everything is computerized.
He harass my mother.
I defend my mother.
I want him out.
He threaten to have me committed.
My mother got angry.
I calm down.
My mother saw it.
She will divorce him.
Just because he threaten me.
He is a very bad man.
I know good ones.
But, my father is not one of them.
My father is a bad man.
He did this to me before a long time ago.
But if he does it again, my mother is ready.
My mother had some theories that he could not drink while he was visiting his mother.
When we visit my aunt and my uncle, we do drink, especially when my grandmother was still alive.
Because my mother's mother is more class than my father's mother.
But, in the end, my father is still a bad man.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Streamers that I enjoy.

Streamers that I enjoy.
From the good ones that I know.
Xena Star and her husband Dark Star.
DreaGeekGirl in her spunk.
LobroWatch with the Neon Positive Vibes.
X33N and CaptainSparklez in all of their shenanigans while AngelKyone facepalms.
EvolVixen in cosplay.
Leuwie shine with HyperTT.
CheifNadia in the hype of the sims.
But, one I enjoy the most that I really enjoy the most.
Yeah, he's on Mixer.
I want to get to him to reach those 100 million sparks every week he streams.
So, his company can have the money that they can spend on, not his.
Who is it?
Why it's Tyler Pappas aka Logdotzip!

Sunday, December 23, 2018


Having a meltdown is not okay.
There is got to be a reason why.
For me, my mother push me to the edge.
Just because I wanted to see if Tyler is okay.
He did not stream on Mixer, yesterday.
I know he did not today.
I hope he's okay.
But, with my mother chewing gum like a cow eats their cud (grass) and flipping out on me.
I am not happy.
I have a meltdown.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

2018 was eh.

To the people we lost this year.
We carry in our hearts.
To the good we keep.
To the bad we hope it would fade away.
2018 was eh.
I hope 2019 will be better.
I hope to see my family in Florida soon.
I could be very distance from my family.
However, I just want to be happy again.
2018 was eh.
2019 will be better, I hope.

I wish it snow on Christmas

It's a few days until Christmas.
It did not snow.
I wish it snow on Christmas.
So I can share it.
Saying that wish you were here.
It did snow on Christmas.
But, I know it's not true.
So, I will wait until the new year.
I wish it snow on Christmas.

I am not

I am not doing it again.
Not tweeting at him this Christmas Eve.
Despite I been hearing much of him.
Or see much of him from one of the female wrestlers I follow on Instagram.
It hurts me so much.
My friend knows that I am hurt of mentioning him.
I need to move on.
My happiness is in the form of someone else.
Someone who I like.
I hope that I don't lose this.
I lost the one.
I am not going lose this one too.