Saturday, May 6, 2017

All I am asking from you is to see you

I know this is getting the worse time to ask for my birthday.
But, you are in California.
Wrestling in front of them.
Those who only want you, because your an object to them.
I want to see you, because you are a wrestling god.
A man who makes me smile.
A man who is so athletic.
A man who has a voice that help me escape the reality that I am.
A man who I want, but, I know I can't, because he is not what my parents would like.
You are the only one.

Lindsie Starr
(c) 2017

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

We are

When we are born, we look at guidance from our parents.
When we are starting school, our parents encourage us to do so well.
When we are in love or being crushed by someone we love, our parents stand by and comfort us or give us advice.
When we are making our choice, our parents stand by to it.
When we find the right one, our parents are happy.
When we start our own family, our parents are out there sharing off photos of our love ones.

But, what will happen if one dies?
Then it's a time for morning to that one parent.

Even though we continue with our lives no matter what.
We still think about them every day until we join them too.
No matter what.
We are who we are and our parents are proud of what we become.

Unless your parents are like mine, don't care what I do as long as I have a job. That counts to them.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Winter Romantic Kiss by Lindsie Starr

A Winter Romantic Kiss

Nights where snow lightly falling would be perfectly magical.
When two men would grasp their women to share a tender kiss.
Only them would know how it went.
Their love for each other is warm like fire.
The women would tell each other about it.
Because they are friends.
Plus they know of the other man.
No matter how they are.
The lovers are who they are.
The friends are who they are.
All this way on a lightly snow night.

I wish for that happen for us.
Her, her love, him, and I.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

There is a... (A sonnet)

There is a Danish YouTuber known as Crainer.
I don't know why, but he's really cool.
He plays Minecraft, that's a no brainer.
Plus he's not cruel.
He tried to do a sonnet for Jordan, but, it did not go well.
But, Jordan did not have a problem with it, because it make him laugh.
When Crainer trolls on Troll Craft, he would type "lel".
He would also do a paragraph in a book for a troll.
Sometimes, Crainer becomes a villain.
When another YouTuber known as Ssundee would do a troll so good.
He would end up fill in plans for a troll.
You should see it when he does it.
Crainer is so cool when he plays Minecraft on his computer.
I feel like he's a tutor!

My favorite YouTuber (A sonnet)

My favorite YouTuber is Jordan Maron and he's so hot.
He's a really great gamer in my mind.
I know that he is not mean.
He is never behind with his videos.
His voice can be great, but he can be funny too.
Minecraft is mostly of his domain.
But, he does other gaming, it will do.
He is not insane.
I know that he does music that I use for my gameplay.
It's really great that you should have a listen.
He has a game on mobile to this day.
It's almost to a glisten of a new game console.
Yeah, don't have me to tell you about his online pseudonym, please!
It's unease to explain it.

Monday, November 14, 2016

My friend Valentyna (A sonnet)

My friend Valentyna always have my back.
When people are dissing Chris Hero so much.
She knows that she will attack.
I always keep in touch with her.
She turns to me when she is in trouble.
I help her in anyway deal with the pesky trolls.
I can double that when it comes to anyone.
She helps me in the polls for wrestling.
I always know that she does poems too.
With a certain someone on her mind.
I can't say who.
Because it's unkind to her.
Valentyna is really great.
Because it's the straight truth!

My favorite pro wrestler (A sonnet)

My favorite pro wrestler, Chris Hero is his ring name.
Handsome he is with long blond hair and hazel eyes.
Wrestling against opponents is his game.
His wrestling skills are so fly.
His mic skills are so graceful.
His personality is so sweet.
His voice is so peaceful.
I think he's neat.
His entrance presence is so receive.
Because people greet him so well.
I do want to believe.
Because I fell for him.
You can say that I really have feelings for the man.
Even though, it could be or could not be the plan for me.