Thursday, December 7, 2017

Abu Dhabi

Sasha Banks (Left) and Alexa Bliss (Right). (Photo credit Triple H via Twitter)

Abu Dhabi is a place of wonder.
But hardships for women were bad.
That is until things change.
Women will have confidence thanks to Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss.
The two in bodysuits performed in front of others.
Give women hope.
I hope to see more into this.
Maybe it will be nice. 

Misery in the form of my parents and my brother

I am a lost soul with misery in the form of my parents and my brother.
I want and need the one who would save me from the misery.
I am so lost.
Can you be it?
I hope it is.
But, I don't know.
I know some, but, the feelings is not there.
I don't know why.
But it's crazy.
But, all I want to know if it's you.
Before the misery takes me.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

California Wildfires (A fear)

I had a fear that in California the wildfire is going to be very bad.
One day it would hit a few I know of.
Yes, my favorite family, The DeFrancos.
YouTubers at the best.
I know Phil is in the zone.
Linz at home with her boys.
I hope they are safe.
Also another YouTuber who might be at harm.
But, as what I know he might be not.
It's ya boi, Jordan Maron.
I hope he is safe too.
I don't know if this wildfire would grow.
But, I hope it doesn't.
Because I do not want to reach my uncle.
Who lives in San Diego.
I heard he works somewhere around there or Los Angeles.
I hope they are safe.
I had this fear coming.
This is happening, but, don't make it true.
Please don't.

Communities are starting to come together

I do not like when things go bad to worse.
But, it already had.
From dealing with one part of a community.
To seeing another.
Really coming at wavelength.
All I see was abuse.
Sexual no doubt.
Has anyone learned about what happened in Hollywood?
I guess not.
I am really am sick from this.
I want to see justice from this.
No suspending for a month crap!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Four men reminded me of a man

This afternoon as I was walking around town.
Four men looking to invest.
They decided to get food from the deli.
For some odd reason I don't know why.
But, one person, a man came to my mind.
I hope he does not get mad at me for saying this.
But, I have no choice to say it.
The one who came to my mind because of those four men, is Meza.
Yes, my favorite Twitch Streamer, Meza.
Why him?
It's because of a vlog he done on one of his channels on YouTube.
I can't believe that was the first one that came into my mind.
I know it's silly.
But, can you not blame me?

A happiness I want

A winter wonderland.
A man worth her wait.
A night not to forget.
A happiness to them both.
A love so crazy.
A hope so bright.
A escape to sadness.
A trust to happen.
A place to be free.
A happiness I want.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Thank you

I want to say thank you for making me happy.
I know it's ridiculous, but my family is pushing me to the edge.
But, your streams, videos, anything of you, became an escapism for me.
I don't know how to repay you.
All I could say thank you.
But, I feel it is not enough.
I don't know how to express it.
But, this poem is all I have to say.
Thank you.