Thursday, October 12, 2017


Oh dang it!
I forgot this side of me!
Why me?
That Kenny Omega, he is here! He's in Chicago!
Why am I going nuts?
Uh, he is in the United States.
Usually he would be in Japan!
But, I forgot about the ROH tour...heh.
Can you forgive me?


Okay, I know why.
I been focusing on Twitch.
I should be ashamed.


A very good day

So, last night, 
I watch and host X33N.
Chat a little.
I said hi to X33N.
But, he had others in the chat also talking.
I will try again tonight.
But, I tweet at him.
Thanking him for the stream.
He like it and retweet it.

This afternoon,
I am watching Meza.
I stalled message him.
Until I saw Chibi.
Then I done it.
He sees my message!
He said my name!
I feel really good.

Both men were streaming Minecraft.
X33N stream Trollvile series.
He also had a visit by Ambrew.
Unknown to him,
Ish13c sneaked in.

Meza streams Space Astronomy.
He is figuring out stuff.
I am watching him see what he does.

I will work on my chatting skills for now.
I hope no one interrupts me watching him.
Unlike when I stream on Twitch.
Playing Minecraft Bedrock servers.
Mineplex with Cake Wars.
Lifeboat with Zombie Apocalypse. 
The phone rings.
I won't answer anyone, except for my mother and maybe my brother.

This is a very good day.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

My thoughts

I have been going through this image in my head.
Me having sex with someone.
But, who you may ask it could be?
I wish I could say, but, it would be dumb.
I could say that he is a Twitch Streamer.
But, I can't say further more.
It's just dumb.
Let's leave that be.
I don't want to betray anyone.
Maybe because I watch him so much through YouTube.
I never had the chance to chat with him when he streams.
But, that could change soon.


Crazy things going on Halloween.
Kids Trick or Treating.
Parents drunk.
A scary movie or a theme movie for Halloween.
What would I do for this?
Maybe dress up.
Maybe do crazy things.
But, who know what is going to happen.
Halloween was fun when I was young.
But as I got older, it wasn't.
All due to my mother.
She want me have a mindset like her's.
I want to have fun.

Shy to them

I am shy when I watch X33N or Meza on Twitch.
I don't chat with others.
Maybe, just maybe I could try.
It's because I am really crazy.
Or because I betray another community.
The wrestling community.
Yes, that one.
You know.
But, it's like trying to tweet at Chris Spradlin (I don't know what he is now) back then.
I am a fool?
No, it's having a crush.
Nah, my emotions are getting the best of me.
It would be like tweeting to Tyson Smith (Yes, Kenny Omega's real name, blame Nick and Matt Jackson on this as well as Slam Sports).
Okay, I need to stop the name dropping.
This poem is ridiculous.
My friend Valentyna would have her shake.
She would know I am losing touch.
But, if I want people know who I am.
I must start to know some.
Like X33N and Meza.

Monday, October 9, 2017

How I fail him.

Oh I feel that I fail in watching him.
That Kenny Omega.
I really like him.
But, everything has been changing in me.
I feel I failed him.
I failed everyone.
How did I fail?
Well, my mind was being focus on gaming.
Also, the crap that everyone is doing on everyone else.
Maybe that is where I need to be.
Oh how I fail him.
I fail everyone.

What seen on Twitch...stays on Twitch.

What happen on Saturday Night.
Must stays on Twitch.
I know I clip it.
But, that clip.
It make me have dirty thoughts.
Seeing him handcuff to the chair like that.
I know I seen two other guys from other teams in the same situation.
But, why him?
Why was I having dirty thoughts?
The answer lies on his pictures.
Mostly on Instagram.
But, I need to stop.
What I saw on Twitch.
Needs to stay on Twitch.
That is all I have to say.
Don't get me wrong.
I like Jordan Maron.
But, what I said.
It can't be said to him.