Tuesday, July 18, 2017

This isn't Las Vegas!

Ocean view.
Making a hotspot wifi.
Snoring in a close room.
Buffet cost more then $12.
Food gone too steep.
Pool (Maybe).
Going to some stores with the earnings you got from Gambling.
Casinos and hotels.
This isn't Las Vegas!
This is Atlantic City!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Let The Problem Go

I got an e-mail from my father.
He calls me lazy.
Claims I force my mother to do the lawn.
Trying to make me very upset.
Trying to make me feel like I am a bad person.
It's what he believes.

That's false.
100% of it.
I never force my mother.
She wanted to go outside and see if the lawnmower has gas.
My mother told me that my father came and did nothing.
Didn't ask her.
Didn't bother.

He has not knowing that ever since my mother came home from the hospital,
Lindsie Starr,
Took care of her.
I was the one to make sure she is fine.
I was the one who cook her food, microwave frozen dinners or cooking on the stove top.
I was the one giving her medicine.
I was the one checking on her!

I know my father e-mail my brother too.
To be honest, he has been helping, but, he lied yesterday.
Could not finish the lawn.
Did not put it away.
But, my mother did confront him.
After I told her, he didn't.

How did I know?
I was told to get the recycling bucket.
I did.
I went to put it away.
I saw what my brother done.
I know he wants to bowl.
I know I say he does.
But, he has that as a job.

So, how wrong is my father you ask?
Very wrong.
He did not bother speaking to my mother.
Trying to make me a bad person.
That's not me.
I been taking care of my mother.
I been trying to be a YouTuber.
I am having my happiness in the form of Jordan Maron, Kenny Omega, Sally Green, and others.
Those who are on YouTube.
I am not lazy.
I am a hard working person who wants to break through.
To be a popular person.
To provide a better life.

This is why I need to let the problem go.
Let the hate my father is putting on me.
He has no love for my mother, my brother, and me.
I want to be the family matriarch.
I want to be the one who has the money.
I want to start my own family.
I want to be me.
But, to begin, I need to let the problem go.

Friday, June 16, 2017

My insanity

I am tired already.
My day to be alone.
My mother is in the hospital.
My brother is bowling.
I don't give a crap what my father is doing.

I have to do everything.
I am alone in this world.
I wish I was somewhere else.
But, I can't.
This is where I need to belong.

This is my ever lasting.
My only thing.
My only sanity is the videos until I don't know when.
I am alone.

This is me.
This me going insane.
This is my madness.
Because I am alone.

Plus I don't have any friends.
Just like my mother said.
I am crazy.

Or am I?
I have a friend.
She is my only trusted friend.
I wish I have others.

But, I only trust in her.
She knows who I like.
Who I dislike.

That is all.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

My friend

My friend.
You are still working on your poems.
I hope you know that I am too.
While I'll be running my channel on YouTube.
Actually two, since I like gaming as well.

I hope you are okay my friend.
I hope your daughter is doing well.
I hope your love is doing well too.
I hope everyone you care for is well.

My mother is not well.
I told you that she has what Mike had.
I hope it's the same in the end.
My brother is going to step up and take care of the both of us.
I wish I was not in this peril of madness.

I wish I could see him.
You know who.
I know he's in Orlando for that gaming thing.
I don't know if he will go back to Japan before coming back to be in Los Angeles.
I hope he doesn't run in to him and her.
Because if he do, you know I will spread rumors.

I don't want to spread rumors.
It's not my style.
But, for the sake of meeting him,
I must stop them both.

They are like those other two.
They are horrible.
All they can't do is shut it.
They push me away.
Like she did.
Away from him.

You are my friend.
You know how it is.
Those four can get bent.
Because they will never speak to me.

I just want to be like them.
You know the chef and his pro wrestler wife.
I want to be successful.
I want to have a man who is a pro wrestler.

You know that is true.
My friend.

My secret and my sin

The secret of this is I am in love with you.
The sin is that I love someone else.
But, the madness that I love you more then him.
You are so funny.
So strong.
You are around my age, plus one.
You are more worth it.
Even though, I enjoy him,
But, you are more of what I need.
You are mature enough.
You do what you love to do.

Plus, you keep those two around.
They are more enjoy to watch.
Heck you three are the best.
You are real more funny.
I really enjoy you.
You are who you are, despite you are under a different name.

Him on the other hand.
I don't know.
All we have in common are our height,
Our eating habits,
And playing that game.

I am nuts,
But, you are the best.
That is why you are being both.
My secret and my sin.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I am tired.
So are you.
We need our rest.
Can't you see.
You work hard.
So did I.
It's been so long.
Come to bed.
We can talk until we fall asleep.
I know it's not asking much.
But, I am worry about you.

Is something the bother?
Are you need to see the doctor?
I am worry about you.
Just tell me what is wrong.
I am here for you.
Like you are here for me.
We promise each other that we won't give up on each other.
Like the last one did.

You know him.
He knows you.
You know what he done.
Won't admit it.
You told me the truth.
You told me how much you love me.

We should not be fighting.
I know you got mad at me.
Because I said that I want you to win.
You wanted me to win that game.
But, I know you were better.

Come to bed.
I am tired.
But, without, I feel restless.
I am tired.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Chase for the Title

Note: This is the most ridiculous poem, because 1, it's very long, 2, I left some parts out, and 3, this is the freaking results of New Japan Pro Wrestling Dominion Show!

Last summer I predicted that someone would win a tournament.
I knew that he would be the one.
His name was only pop in my head.
The tournament ended.
He won.
The one I choose.

He would get his title shot this past January.
He would face the champion.
The champion has a nickname from a old movie from the 90s.
They go at it.
However, the champion retains.

Now here we are.
Five months later.
Now what?
He gets his rematch.
The show happened.
Everyone I follow on Twitter probably saw.
I have not saw it.
Until now.

I am not going on Twitter.
Not going on Facebook.
Nor Instagram.
May check on some videos on YouTube if my notifications go off.
But, I want to get to the main event!

Watching the first match.
A wrestler named David Finlay is in this.
He looks like his dad.
But, he looks like two other wrestlers that I know of.

More of the show.
Legends battle it off.
There is a mask wrestler called Tiger Mask W.
I went to see what it is about.
It's an anime and also the wrestler.
Who is known as Kota Ibushi.
Which I thought he was signed with WWE.
Oh, my bad.
I was not suppose to know that he's the mask fighter.

Tag Team gauntlet.
Six man.
Adam Page, Zack Sabre Jr,, Ricochet, Juice Robinson, and Seiya Sanada are a few names that I know are in this match.
Representing their teams.
Seiya Sanada's team won and retain their titles.

Tag team favorites and YouTube creators,
Nick and Matt Jackson aka The Young Bucks are going for more gold,
since they won tag gold in a company called Ring of Honor.
Challenging the tag team known as Roppongi Vice.
Rocky Romero and Trent Beretta is what they are at best.
Both tag teams are going back and forth.
Trying going for that three count.
But, instead a submission hold by Nick on Rocky.
Winning the tag titles again.
It's their six time holding them.

The tag team known as War Machine.
Are hunting for the Young Bucks for the Tag Titles they have from their win in Ring of Honor.
Set to defend their titles against The Young Bucks fellow clubmates, Guerrillas of Destiny.
Tag teams are going at it.
A mention about Raymond Rowe have been in a motorcycle accident.
Which I have no ideal that have to be mentioned in the match.
The referee is knock out.
Heel moves are happening.
Chair is involved.
Raymond Rowe does not want to cheat.
But, the Guerrillas of Destiny got him for the win.

Cody Rhodes is next.
I know he can't be using the last name.
Because WWE are jerks not letting him having it.
Because they are using it for a tag team tournament named after his late father.
However, he's in a world of hurt.
Because he's going up against "Big Mike" Michael Elgin.
I have no ideal why he's nicknamed that.
Ask Elgin yourself.
I can't.
Because Elgin block me on twitter!
The two go at it,
Elgin got the advantage on Cody by weight.
They battle until Cody got the win.

KUSHIDA is next.
That is what it has to be.
He gets his title shot.
Against Hiromu Takahasi.
KUSHIDA carries a trophy that he won.
Also he has some gold from Ring of Honor.
He seeks Hiromu's title.

Here comes Hiromu Takahasi to the ring.
Hiromu's hair style rips off of that of Jinny Jacobs some would say.
He also stole the entrance way of Rey Mysterio when he was in the WWE!
Hiromu is nicknamed "The Ticking Timebomb".
Well, let's see if KUSHIDA can defuse him.

They go at it.
They fight in the ring.
They fight out of the ring.
When will this end?
It ends if KUSHIDA survives.
Or Hiromu survives.

Both of them in a daze.
KUSHIDA still stands tall.
Hiromu not give up.
But, he taps out!

After the match.
KUSHIDA cuts a promo.
Until he got attack by BUSHI!
Using the green miss on KUSHIDA!
I don't know why.
But, BUSHI is challenge him for one title.
However, I know Marty Scurll wants the other one KUSHIDA has!

A familiar name I see.
The name Minoru Suzuki is up.
He is the Neverweight Champion.
Putting up against Hirooki Goto.
Suzuki is a pain.
Because of him and his stable, Suzuki-gun,
has been a menace.

I do say this is true.
Just ask Colt Cabana.
He would explain about Suzuki-gun very well.
Because two of them known as Killer Elite Squad,
Made Colt Cabana and his tag partner really mad!

However, Suzuki is in a death match.
Which it's an very hardcore match.
Nobody really dies in the match.
It's also a lumberjack match too.
Which it's really bad or good.
Depends on the wrestler.

Match gets so out of control!
Suzuki tries to trigger one of the legendary wrestlers who is on commentary.
Goto and Suzuki's stablemates are making it more insane!
Goto was beat down, but, he fights back!
Suzuki is never going to quit!
The match is getting insane!
The referee was calling for three!
But, Suzuki has a goon to pull the referee out!
This is not going to end well.
Suzuki retains.
What a cheater!

After the match, an asssult on Goto.
A wrestler known as YOSHI-HASHI saves Goto.
Suzuki knows that he's the next challenger.
So afraid as YOSHI-HASHI attacks!

The next match, which it is right before the main event.
Two wrestlers go at it.
One of them is the champion, Tetsuya Naito.
Who has been disrespectful by damaging the championship belt.
The challenger, Hiroshi Tanahashi.
Wants to reclaim of the title that Naito has.
All because he respects it.
Ever since he beaten Shinsuke Nakamura for the title.
He wants to be respectful.
This is a match for the ages.
Besides the main event.

The match begins as Tanahashi attacks Naito!
They go at it!
Naito works so brutal!
So does Tanahashi!
The men are hurt by any means, but still going at it.
This is getting insane!
Tanahashi needs to end this!
He does a high risk!
But at what cost?
He hurts his arm further.
But, he needs to win!
Naito is fighting back!
Tanahashi works his leg!
Naito fights back!

The match is in favor of Naito!
It looks bad for Tanahashi!
But this keeps going!
Tanahashi has fighting spirit!
He went for another high risk!
But, Naito saw that coming!
How this is going to end?

Breaking fingers?
Every last thing that these two use.
Tanahashi is not going down!
He does everything!
But, Naito is not going down either!
Tanahashi is using a submission on Naito!
Naito can't escape!
Tanahashi is going for it all!
Naito taps out!
Hiroshi Tanahashi wins!
He got the gold!
With his arm in pain!
But this match is so epic!
The match is going to be hard to beat!

It's the main event!
Champions in the past who held the title including WWE Superstar AJ Styles!
Who will have the title!
The challenger comes out!
My choice who won the the tournament!
The one who tried back in January!

The champion comes out!
He always shows off!
With his fake money!
This madness needs to stop!

The referee warns those who is in the challenger and champion's corner no trouble.
They don't.
Who is in the champion's corner?
A wrestler known as Gedo.
Who is in the challenger's corner?
Why it's the tag champions, The Young Bucks!

The match begins!
So far, the challenger has the upper hand!
The champion wants to take it all in.
The champion goes for it, but the challenger knows.
This match is taking my breath away!
No it's not because I am cheering for the champion!

I am watching the handsomeness of the challenger!
He is so breathtaking!
The champion is trying to put the challenger in pain!
But, the challenger is fighting back!
This is so madness!

Heck the match is looking so good due to the challenger!
Matt Jackson loves the replay!
The challenger is very strong in this match!
But the champion is not going to give up!
This is so insane!
The champion push the challenger to the fence!
I gasp in shock!
The champion went to try and go after the Young Bucks!
But, his focus on the challenger!

This is really getting insane!
The champion is in pain.
I am not giving up on the challenger as I still cheer him on!
This is so insane!
I don't know how many times I will say insane, because it is!
The challenger is working hard on the champion, but, the champion is fighting back!

As the match is getting crazy!
The champion is trying to cheat!
He is going to use it on the challenger!
The challenger is fighting back!
I don't think he knows about the table!
Now he does and he knows he won't cheat!

The champion is trying to end the match!
He signal the end?
I don't think so!
The challenger is standing tall!
This match is so going at it!
This could be the end!
But, no!
2 count!

Could this be the end?
But, the challenger is so doing well in the match!
The champion is hanging on!
I don't know what is so crazy!
The madness of the champion!
Or the handsomeness of the challenger!

The match got to intense!
They went to far!
They go until time ran out!
This is not enough!
This is so unfair!
This is so wrong!
This need to continue!
I don't know if I should cry!
I should cry!
This is not fair!
The champion retain!

This is so not right at all!
The match should kept going!
I don't know how to feel!

The champion is talking about the challenger.
I don't know if he wants to go at it one more time.
I wish I know.
Someone needs to end the champion!