Sunday, May 28, 2017


How you defy someone who mess with you or your friends online?
They are trolls.
Pure pathetic trolls.
They have no life.

They want misery onto you or your friends.
They keep on at it until you cave.
They want to see you suffer.
They will go far as you can see it.

That if you let them.

How to fight back?
Just ignore them.
They are not worth it.

If they keep at it.
Just go report them.
Unless they go far by bullying you.
Then it's considering to be a cyberbully.

Then you need the police involve and it won't end pretty.
You may have to sue.
You would have to change.
Who knows what.

Maybe you would be free.
Maybe then you are yourself.
Until it could happen again.
If the trolls has friends.
To get revenge.

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