Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wrestlers that took Twitter in a frenzy

Two wrestlers cause twitter in a frenzy due to a gaming tournament.
They work at different wrestling companies.
I know this took place last year.
But, I hope they don't do it again.

One of them has a YouTube channel of well over 1 million subscribers on YouTube.
He is one third of a trio.
He's really crazy when it comes to cosplaying.
Also, he knows two other YouTubers.

The other is a leader of a popular stable.
The hottest wrestler in my opinion.
With those curls that he has.
I don't care if it's blond or grey and black.

They went at it last year and who knows if they will go at it again.
I wish I could see them both.
But, not in my current state.
Not right now.

I am sure Twitter will be in a frenzy again.
But, if more surprises like three YouTubers that I am sure to know.
Who did a Minecraft series with another.
Decided to crash too.

Let me say that the gates of hell has open.
If that EVER happens.
Which I know that won't,
Then the world will know.

I Am Done with You

I am done with you.
You have not said a word.
You hurt me.
Because of that I move on.

She tweet about it.
Why didn't you say that she is yours.
How come you let her tweet about it?
I am done with you.

My friend knows.
She knows that I move on.
She knows that you did not say a word.
I am done with you.

I like one man who has more funny.
Well, two, but, I don't want "The Villain" to be reeled in.
Not to mention those brothers.
Also Cody that has to swear.
I wish they know.
I am done with you.

I haven't told Patrick.
He may know.
If he read my tweet rant.
Although, he still likes you.
But, I am sure that he knows.
I am done with you.

I am done with you.
You haven't tweet to me on my birthday.
I am devastated.
I am through with you.
I hope that she is worth it.

If she isn't.
But, I am.
Then why you won't say a word?
Why you won't say that she is using you?
I am done with you.
I move on.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I can't believe I have to say this (Confession)

I can't believe I have to say this.
But, I am going to be in trouble.
There are two guys who I consider hot.
Both are on YouTube.
Both of them are gamers.
Both of them are buff.

But, there is a difference.
By age difference 8 years (True?).
By what else they do is really insane.
The one who is the young one does music.
Makes some on his own.
Or does remixes.

The other one.
He's a pro wrestler.
Very popular in Japan, USA, and Canada (I think).
He is also the leader of a stable who is consider to be very popular.

Reason why I say this.
Kinda don't want anyone to find out .
But, this is me that I am so insane!
Besides that no one will know of what I am saying!


Monday, May 29, 2017

The Honeymoon

They know where they want to go.
To somewhere warm.
To a beach.
They know where.

It was something that they want.
It was something that happened.
When he promise her that he won't break her heart.
When he know that she can come with him.

Into a paradise.
Just the two of them.
They have gone far into this love.
The love that won't never end.

To their alone time for a week.
With romance filled the air.
To pleasure it's a must.
To love.

They have not go wild.
They are having fun.
They know they wish you were here.
But, they just want to be alone.

To this on their honeymoon.
They got married a day ago.
Friends and family were in bliss.
To see them together.

But, now they are on their honeymoon.
Until they return.
They are alone.
With love.

Memorial Day

They make a choice.
They went to fight.
They serve our country.
They go into war against others.
They align with those they trust.
They seen the bloodshed.
They seen what happened.
They done their tour.
They want to come home.
They find out they can't serve.
They are discharged honorably.
They did many stuff.

But, now they are forgotten.
They are now being place into society.
But, realizing what they know.
To their fellow comrades.
Who did not survived out there.
Their bodies are buried.

They also are forgotten.
But, not to their families.
However, on this day, they are.
On this, Memorial Day.

We thank you for serving our country.
With blood, sweat, and tears.
Being separate from your family and friends.
Now we want to let you be you.
We salute you for being the best.

We will help you out.
We will help your family.

For those who are not with us.
We will help out those families as well.

Thank you all.

This laptop

This laptop that I am using is causing real problems.
It's very slow.
It's making me having a hard time watching videos.
It can't load up right.

It's useless.
I have to use it.
To talk to my friends.
To post stuff up.

My brother should took it to get it fix.
He hasn't.
He's too lazy.
I don't want to say he works.

Because him bowling is his job.
Which I feel that is dumb.
But, then again, being a YouTuber is dumb.
Actually, it isn't.
I have 65 subscribers on both of my channels.
But, my goal is to reach 1 million on both.

I know.
This is why I need my own laptop.
Not my dorky brother's.
But, this will have to do.

The bitch

I hope he's worth it, you bitch.
You go after anyone and then use them.
To get where you need to be at.
It's a sad situation.

You might as well come after me.
I have no fears.
Since you took him away from me.
You are a selfish bitch.

My friend knows about you.
She knows about your dad too.
I'm surprise he didn't told you to be on your own and not using anyone.
You are a selfish bitch.

I am over him.
He would not admit it.
I rather see someone else.
But, wait, you could be going after someone else, aren't you?

Why are you being on every show?
Why are you are after them?
Why are you using them?
You are the bitch aren't you?

But, wait, you are mad at me?
What did I do?
Wait, you can't be in love with me?

You are just a bitch.
Just a selfish bitch.
Who wants someone.
The bitch wants someone to use!

No, I don't use him.
I care for him.
Used to is more like it.

I don't use him.
I promote him.
But, I can't anymore.
Because of you, bitch!

My 2 am poem rant

It's almost 2 am.
Why did I not seen this?
I got notifications!
Why did you two stream so late at night?
While I am asleep?

Please tell me why!
Did you have to say something?
Please tell me why!
Did you talk about that show of yours, Colleen?
Please tell me why!
Was it on another series you are doing Jordan?

Maybe, I should see.
But, I rather think about Kenny Omega and the Yong Bucks!
Maybe too soon!
Maybe I should thought about Tim Donst!

It could be worse!
I don't know what's wrong!
But you see!
I need my sleep!

Maybe I should said, Marty Scurll.
Or Ben Boone.
Maybe Santana Garrett.
Oh who am I kidding, right.

It should be...

The picture

My friend Patrick otherwise known as Skits.
Post on the instagram a picture.
With a odd caption on it.
Made me kinda shock.

Made me swear.
Wondering what the heck happened?
Two guys wrestled.
Former student vs. former trainer yet again.

I rather go watch Mike otherwise known as Tim Donst.
Win the title again for his third run.
At least that's more entertainment.
Then that picture.

I wish I did not see.
But, the curiosity got the best of me.
It's hard to let go.
Because why?
I feel that I still care.

But, I rather watch Kenny Omega win the big championship.
At least it's something more better.
I know he well deserve it.
Can't you take me seriously?

I can't blame my friend.
He had to share.
I am just a fool.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


How you defy someone who mess with you or your friends online?
They are trolls.
Pure pathetic trolls.
They have no life.

They want misery onto you or your friends.
They keep on at it until you cave.
They want to see you suffer.
They will go far as you can see it.

That if you let them.

How to fight back?
Just ignore them.
They are not worth it.

If they keep at it.
Just go report them.
Unless they go far by bullying you.
Then it's considering to be a cyberbully.

Then you need the police involve and it won't end pretty.
You may have to sue.
You would have to change.
Who knows what.

Maybe you would be free.
Maybe then you are yourself.
Until it could happen again.
If the trolls has friends.
To get revenge.

The Wedding Day

It was announced on her YouTube channel.
That the two were getting married.
They decided to take it to three places.
The first wedding would take place in his home country.
The second wedding would take place in her home country.
The third wedding would take place to their adopted home country.

They will have family and friends who can be at either location.
But, how are they paying for it?
By their own money.
They wanted this way.

On the first wedding.
Most of his family and friends were there.
Some of her family and friends were there.
With happiness happening.

The second wedding.
Most of her family and friends were there.
Some of his family and friends were there.
It nearly got bad.
Because the man who had hurt her.
Want her not to marry him.
But, he was removed.
It was too late.

By the third wedding.
They had to make it official.
They had the wedding like her friend and favorite YouTuber.
They done it with some of their family and other friends who could not come.
They had done it right.
However at the wedding reception.
They change to their outfit they got married into at the first and second.

It was a sweet night.
On this their wedding day.
Sure enough they would be on their honeymoon.

Just a dream

Thanksgiving 2015.
My parents were half drunk at the restaurant.
My brother wasn't much ill yet.
I was looking on twitter for some wrestling stuff.

My parents constantly bothering my brother.
I could tell he was upset.
I had to shut them up.
So I told of a dream.
That I was being invited to a wrestling show.

It was a TV actress and her spouse.
How did my dream went into a lesbian crush?
I did not say that I love her.
But, my parents took it the wrong way.

I was being invited to a wrestling show.
That was just the dream.
My parents went too far.
Say that I am a lesbian.

I respect the community.
But, me I am not.
I don't know why.

I don't know if I am straight either.
Just a human being.
Who don't know anything is right.

But, then again it's just a dream.
To the honesty.
Plus they did it again, the following holiday, Christmas Day 2015.

My anger

How can you not explain the truth to me?
How can you not say that she is yours?
How did you forget about our birthdays?

My anger.

How can you go to a wedding to the people who are not our friends?
How can you say they are our friends, when they so rude not to say hello to me?
How can you tell me that I am crazy?

My anger.

How come he's not going for a championship?
How come he is not a champion, yet?
How come he won't say what is going on?

My anger.

How stupid stuff happen?
How people who are stupid do stupid stuff?
How can hate exists?

My anger.

How can I be so angry?
Because they people I trust somehow betray me!
Because they want to see me angry!

All because of me!

My anger.


All of them cars.

Different kinds.
Different years.
Different colors.

How many cars do you own?



The Wedding at the Winery at the Shore

This took place almost two autumns ago.
I was very angry at my mother.
I said to her, "You should not go! I forbid it!"
But, my mother just keep telling me she is going.
The wedding at the winery at the shore.

I did not want her to go.
We don't know the bride, her father, or anyone on that side.
The groom, his brother, and his mother hardy speak to me at all.
The mother has talk to my mother in a rare occasions.
All I know they are acquaintances to us.

But, my mother is in denial.
She says, they are our friends.
I know that bull.
Because they don't invite us out or say anything.
I question her choices and still got angry.
She defy me because she knows "all of her friends" were going.

I got very angry that day.
In fact I walk maybe five miles or was it six.
To the anger that my mother went.
To go to a wedding that to those who are acquaintances to us.
It was sad and pathetic.

However, I felt that she got punished that night.
Her knee was bothering her more.
She should know better not to go.
Because it was very rude by the acquaintances.
To invite her and not me.
The wedding at the winery at the shore.

I know when I get married.
I will not have it there.
Because of the acquaintances.

If I ever decide to get married at a winery.
Might as well be the real deal.
In a foreign country.
That's how I see it.

The Huge Title Match

The conference happen.
Contract signed.
Almost start a fight before the match will happen.
They have been separated.
They shock the people.

The night of the huge title match.
Nerves are happening.
He knows that his goal needs to be happen.
In order to have his love.

She was watching at ringside.
Seeing her man getting in the match.
The title is on the line.
The only way they can be in love is for him to win the title.

The match begins.
Everything goes.
How long will this goes?
For as long as it can be.
Fists flying.
Kicks happening.
One counts.
Two counts.
This match is going on!

As the opponent goes for their finisher.
It missed.
He has the opportunity to take it.
Which he does!
Using his own.
To end this long match!

Is it for what it can be!
The bell rings!
A new champion has happened!
With cheers all around!

Tears streaming down his face.
With the championship in his hands.
She watches him and she cries too.
She is brought inside the ring.
He is glad to see her.

The two embraced.
As they went to the back.
He had one thing that he wanted to do.
He ended up proposing her.
He got down on one knee.
With a ring no doubt.
Emerald engagement ring.

He ask her, "Will you marry me"
She says yes.
He place the engagement ring on her finger.
Then he get up.
They kiss.

The Gay Wedding that My Mother Went to

Last summer my mother attend a gay wedding.
It was her first.
She had gone to straight weddings alot.
Especially to that couple who got married at a winery down at the shore,
which I did not approve of her to go.
Because the groom, his brother who performed the ceremony, and the mother of the groom, were acquaintances to us, but, my mother is in denial saying they are friends.

But, I know that's a lie.

Anyway, the wedding that my mother went to last summer.
Was most defiantly a gay wedding.
Two men both named John.
Were indeed in love.
One of Johns is from Sweden, the home country of the YouTuber, Pewdiepie.

The other John was the school district superintendent.
Who really became our friend.
He really always says hi to me.
When I was around.
Because mostly of my brother or my mother.

The day of the wedding.
My mother went.
I was home.
I forget what I was doing that day.
Maybe watching YouTube.
Or was it talking to my friend Valentyna.

My mother came home that evening.
She really enjoy it.
She show me pictures the next day.
She told me that the wedding was so beautiful.
Nothing felt odd.

Apparently, she told me that there were things happened.
Like family involvement.
Plus, our friend had a stroke before the wedding.
I felt sad about it.
But, I was glad my mother went.

It was something that she went at first hand.
I was glad that she had fun.
The gay wedding that my mother went to.

How can I tell them

She is my love.
My ever so angel.
My savor.
My grace.

She is like me.
Female with beauty.
With strength.

I am me.
Female powered.
With beauty and brains.
Or something else.

But, the fear is that of my family.
Her family knows and they welcome me.
My family is really against this.
Because they believe it's a sin.

How can I tell them this is what I want.
That she is my lover.
She is my soulmate.
She will be my wife!

My father will condemn me!
With hateful words!
My mother will be heartbroken!
She won't accept the terms.
My siblings will be told by my father!
"She is a sinner! She will go to hell! She is not allow to be talk ever again!"

But, when they get into school.
Their teachers will speak to them.
Counselors will help in the matter.
They will let them know.
That they can talk to me.
Because I done nothing wrong.

As for my parents and the rest of the adults who believe this crap that I sinned.
They are lost.
They lost me.
Soon my siblings,
my cousins will follow.
They will rejoice.
They will welcome us in.

If that is all I could say.
How can I tell them that I am a lesbian?
It's a fear that would bother me.
But, this is now.

The Night of Intimacy and Ecstasy

With his body and head frame of six feet tall even.
To her body and head frame of five feet seven inches.
Something will happen to the two.
Something that is pure bliss.
Something that it would be bad.
Something that it would be good.

No one knows.
All they will hear it from them both.
The next day.
But, the night belongs to them.
Them alone.
With her desire to be love.
He grants her wish.

To this night.
The night of intimacy and ecstasy.
With feelings are happening.
Their mood is set right.
To this romance.

He kiss her.
She kiss him.
Holding to each other.
To prepare for what is come.
Kissing to taking their clothes off.

To their bedroom.
Clothing shows the path.
On their bed.


Heavy breathing.
Laying at each other side.

The night of intimacy and ecstasy.

The night alone

One night off.
He looks at her.
She looks at him.
They wanted to be alone.
From their friends.

She was kinda worried that he wanted to play video games.
But, he has other plans.
They went to somewhere nice.
Something that was new.
She smiled.
He smiled.

They went in and look though the menu.
Sorta expensive in their taste.
But, she can cover it.
After all, she has enough made.
Thanks to plenty of things that she done.

The two enjoy dinner.
After that it was a walk back to their place.
With the moonlight above them.
They look up in the night sky.
With the moon and the stars to see.

They go in.
They go to their place.
They settle in.
But, something was putting him into a way.
To something that he wants to do to her.

She wonders what it is.
She sees it in him.
She knows what will happen.
She wants this to happen.
She will get her wish.

The night alone.

The match

He comes out with her.
He is set on the match.
But, he is well concerned for her safety.
He put her in his corner.
His opponent came out.
Looking angry.

They get in the ring.
Introductions happen.
Match begins.
Fist flying.
Kicks happening.
Every signature maneuver at play.

One counts or two counts.
Not enough.
The opponent uses her as a shield.
So he can't hurt her.
Because that's wrong.
The opponent pushes her to him.
Just to get a win.

But, he had enough.
He knows she is hurt.
He wants to end it.
He goes for everything he got.
He goes for his finisher.
Lay the opponent down.
Goes for the three count.

1...2...3...match is over.
He wins.
She goes to him.
They both hug.
To his victory.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The promise on the beach

The summer breeze.
The sunset.
The waves hits the sand.

As she watches the sun set with a hue of pink, orange, blue, and red.
She thinks to herself that she is alone.
But, she is not.
She is surrounded by a tall man with his strong arms around her.
Making sure that she is safe.
From the heartbreak she had.
By a former love.

He whispers to her softly.
Telling her it will be alright.
He promise her not to break her heart.
Unlike the other man has did.

He would be there even though he has to be far.
Until it was okay for her to come.
He know that she is his forever.

The promise on the beach.

Is this real or fake?

I had another dream.
With my friend.
We looked at photos.
Finding out one that looks real.
But feeling fake.

We looked at each other.
He looks at the photo and says, "Is this real or fake?"
I look at him and says, "I don't know. I feel this is real to me, but, I believe it's fake"
He sees the man that he knows.
With questionable doubt he take the photo and rip it apart.
I got mad at him.
He says, "Real or fake, he hurts you. I don't want you to think about him anymore"
I shake my head.
He smiles at me.
Pats my head.
Then says, "We are going to make memories together in Japan"
I knew he cares.

But, this was just a dream.
My friend Valentyna would be in shock.
She knows that I am hurt.
But, she would know who the heck this "friend" is in my dream.
Because I told her.

Even though the dream makes me ponder.
Is this real or fake?
Who knows.

All I know where the truth lies.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Two friends

Two friends do what they love.
To write poems.
To share their thoughts.
But, they also have other things going on.

One has to deal with trolls.
Raising her daughter.
Be the best she is.

The other is a YouTuber.
Who does play games.
Who vlogs about her life.
Who is setting a goal to be the best.

But, in the end of this madness.
The two friends do poems.
Also talk about pro wrestling.
Because that's a common interest.

But, on some interests TV shows.
Well, that's what they like to do.

Her heart

Her heart is broken.
Because of some bitch.
Who took her man.
The man she wanted.
But, can't see him.
Because her family is at fault.
Who won't help her drive.
Who wants her do it on her own.

Her heart is hallow like a log.
All she wanted was answers from him.
Maybe her friend can confront him.
But, still her heart is hallow.

Her heart maybe fix.
She likes another,
But, he could belong to another bitch.
However she had a dream of another.
Who is from Canada.
But frequently wrestles in Japan.
She has been notice him for a while.

In her dream the two became friends.
Then they work their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.
They had to keep it quiet.
No one need to know.
They want to keep it personal.
They don't want no one to be involve.
However, he wants to keep her close when he wrestles in Japan.
So he made her a valet.
Just to let her know what is in his world.
In return she let him being in her's.
A world of gaming.
Which he likes.
Also, he would do more.

To please her heart.