Monday, May 29, 2017

My 2 am poem rant

It's almost 2 am.
Why did I not seen this?
I got notifications!
Why did you two stream so late at night?
While I am asleep?

Please tell me why!
Did you have to say something?
Please tell me why!
Did you talk about that show of yours, Colleen?
Please tell me why!
Was it on another series you are doing Jordan?

Maybe, I should see.
But, I rather think about Kenny Omega and the Yong Bucks!
Maybe too soon!
Maybe I should thought about Tim Donst!

It could be worse!
I don't know what's wrong!
But you see!
I need my sleep!

Maybe I should said, Marty Scurll.
Or Ben Boone.
Maybe Santana Garrett.
Oh who am I kidding, right.

It should be...

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