Sunday, May 28, 2017

The match

He comes out with her.
He is set on the match.
But, he is well concerned for her safety.
He put her in his corner.
His opponent came out.
Looking angry.

They get in the ring.
Introductions happen.
Match begins.
Fist flying.
Kicks happening.
Every signature maneuver at play.

One counts or two counts.
Not enough.
The opponent uses her as a shield.
So he can't hurt her.
Because that's wrong.
The opponent pushes her to him.
Just to get a win.

But, he had enough.
He knows she is hurt.
He wants to end it.
He goes for everything he got.
He goes for his finisher.
Lay the opponent down.
Goes for the three count.

1...2...3...match is over.
He wins.
She goes to him.
They both hug.
To his victory.

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