Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween Madness

Decorations up.
Lights on.
Everyone in costume.
It is almost time.
Candy supplied.
Alternatives are ready.
Tonight is ready.
All for Halloween.
It is a madness I am telling you!
Everyone enjoy.
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 5, 2015


Note: I made Haikus from an ideal from NHK World's program, Haiku Masters. I did submitted a Haiku to the show. If I do get on, I will be pleased. I will evenly take my Haikus and sell it on RedBubble for you to purchase.

My first Haiku is based on a episode of Satoyama, a 10 minute show that talks about a part of nature. It was on Cicadas. I give you my Haiku:

Cicadas noisy.
Hearing it like maracas.
Only during the day?

My second Haiku is about...well....*gulp*...if you are from Japan and like Puroresu and you are attending the Pro Wrestling NOAH Global League Tournament and like the foreign wrestler Chris Hero (Like I do, but, I am American), I give you my Haiku of him:

Chris Hero is a man.
Wrestler by trade he is.
Hard fighter is.

My third Haiku is based from a picture that was seen on Haiku Masters. It is a person running through water like if they were splashing. I give you my Haiku:

Splashing Water.
Running on the beach?
Maybe trouble?

And finally my last Haiku is the one I submitted to Haiku Masters that goes with a picture of a lonely dog waiting for it's master:

Waiting for master.
Bringing ball, food, and water.
Lonely dog is sad.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Bitcoin poem

What is Bitcoin?
It is a cryptocurrency that does not need a middle man.
It is used for good or bad.
Depends on the price.
It can be save to earn a healthy profit.
How far can one go to have it?
It depends on buying or earning it.
Just be careful of hackers hacking your wallet.
Put a huge security to protect it like an two-factor authentication.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Here we go again

Here we go again.
I need you to know.
I am scared.
It sounds bad.
I felt nearly three years ago,
You sent me a sign.
I wish he do for her.
Maybe this time.
Before you go to Japan.
Send me a sign.
I am hoping this time,
He send her a sign.
I don't want to have that dream again.
Where the three of us looking for her.
But, we didn't find her, until he did.
Send me a sign.
Please friend, send her a sign.

Domi is her.
Colby is him.
Chris is you.