Monday, May 29, 2017

This laptop

This laptop that I am using is causing real problems.
It's very slow.
It's making me having a hard time watching videos.
It can't load up right.

It's useless.
I have to use it.
To talk to my friends.
To post stuff up.

My brother should took it to get it fix.
He hasn't.
He's too lazy.
I don't want to say he works.

Because him bowling is his job.
Which I feel that is dumb.
But, then again, being a YouTuber is dumb.
Actually, it isn't.
I have 65 subscribers on both of my channels.
But, my goal is to reach 1 million on both.

I know.
This is why I need my own laptop.
Not my dorky brother's.
But, this will have to do.

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