Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Gay Wedding that My Mother Went to

Last summer my mother attend a gay wedding.
It was her first.
She had gone to straight weddings alot.
Especially to that couple who got married at a winery down at the shore,
which I did not approve of her to go.
Because the groom, his brother who performed the ceremony, and the mother of the groom, were acquaintances to us, but, my mother is in denial saying they are friends.

But, I know that's a lie.

Anyway, the wedding that my mother went to last summer.
Was most defiantly a gay wedding.
Two men both named John.
Were indeed in love.
One of Johns is from Sweden, the home country of the YouTuber, Pewdiepie.

The other John was the school district superintendent.
Who really became our friend.
He really always says hi to me.
When I was around.
Because mostly of my brother or my mother.

The day of the wedding.
My mother went.
I was home.
I forget what I was doing that day.
Maybe watching YouTube.
Or was it talking to my friend Valentyna.

My mother came home that evening.
She really enjoy it.
She show me pictures the next day.
She told me that the wedding was so beautiful.
Nothing felt odd.

Apparently, she told me that there were things happened.
Like family involvement.
Plus, our friend had a stroke before the wedding.
I felt sad about it.
But, I was glad my mother went.

It was something that she went at first hand.
I was glad that she had fun.
The gay wedding that my mother went to.

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