Friday, May 26, 2017

Her heart

Her heart is broken.
Because of some bitch.
Who took her man.
The man she wanted.
But, can't see him.
Because her family is at fault.
Who won't help her drive.
Who wants her do it on her own.

Her heart is hallow like a log.
All she wanted was answers from him.
Maybe her friend can confront him.
But, still her heart is hallow.

Her heart maybe fix.
She likes another,
But, he could belong to another bitch.
However she had a dream of another.
Who is from Canada.
But frequently wrestles in Japan.
She has been notice him for a while.

In her dream the two became friends.
Then they work their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.
They had to keep it quiet.
No one need to know.
They want to keep it personal.
They don't want no one to be involve.
However, he wants to keep her close when he wrestles in Japan.
So he made her a valet.
Just to let her know what is in his world.
In return she let him being in her's.
A world of gaming.
Which he likes.
Also, he would do more.

To please her heart.

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