Monday, May 29, 2017

The Honeymoon

They know where they want to go.
To somewhere warm.
To a beach.
They know where.

It was something that they want.
It was something that happened.
When he promise her that he won't break her heart.
When he know that she can come with him.

Into a paradise.
Just the two of them.
They have gone far into this love.
The love that won't never end.

To their alone time for a week.
With romance filled the air.
To pleasure it's a must.
To love.

They have not go wild.
They are having fun.
They know they wish you were here.
But, they just want to be alone.

To this on their honeymoon.
They got married a day ago.
Friends and family were in bliss.
To see them together.

But, now they are on their honeymoon.
Until they return.
They are alone.
With love.

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