Friday, June 9, 2017

My Mother's Health is not a Joke!

I am sad and shedding tears.
My mother had to tell me what is making her sick.
Why she hasn't eat alot.
Why she could lost weight.
It turns out she has a tumor.
On her left kidney.
This is shocking that this is happening to her.
But, this is not a joke.
As how she describe what her co-workers says.
My mother's health is not a joke.

The reason why I am upset about it.
Is because this has happen to someone else.
His name is Mike Hopes.
Otherwise known to the indy pro wrestling fans as Tim Donst.
He revealed two years ago at a wrestling show.
That he too has a tumor on his right kidney.
I was really worried about him.
He had fellow wrestlers like Kevin Steen or to the WWE fans as Kevin Owens,
tweeted about him.
Beg his fans help him.
I was glad to see the support.
But, I had to wait to see if the tumor was benign or cancerous.
Turns out, it was benign.

He was allowed to wrestle again.
It had to be in July.
Where he kicked Nick Gage's butt at one wrestling show.
Then he won a championship title at another show, the following night.
From fellow wrestler, Joe Gacy.

I was glad to know about this.
But, now this is happening again.
To my mother this time.
I am really upset.
To think about this.
I don't know what to do.
But, have to take care of her again.
For how long?
Two weeks this time.
I really hope.
I been having a bad year so far.
This is a living nightmare for me.
I need hope.
I need happiness.
I need...

...someone to take this sadness away from me.
Someone who can make me laugh again.
I hate this,
I hate that my mother is sick.
I hate that it could happen to me.
This is not a joke.
This is serious health issue that could be really bad.
My mother's health is not a joke!
Her co-workers can go to hell!

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