Monday, June 27, 2016

My heart is aching.
The sadness I feel.
Something awful happened to that young man's mother.
He hasn't said a word since last week.
I tried to seek happiness from his former trainer.
But, my mind is on him.
Why, this domestic violence happened?
I do not know.
I am hoping this has nothing to do with his career as a pro wrestler.
Oh please tell me this has nothing to do with that!
It's his sanctuary!
Please protect him from the man who tries to harm his mother!
Please let him wrestle!

I am sorry that I betray you!
But, your former trainee life is in danger.
Please tell me that everything is fine!
Please say something.
I just want to cry right now.

Monday, June 20, 2016

This morning

Lindsie's Note: Understand this, I am really in shock of what happened and this should never happened to him and to his mother. This what happened today.

Woke up this morning.
Check the phone for notifications.
See someone say something to someone.
Wonder what and why.
Find out something bad happened a week ago.
A man shot his ex-wife.
No reason was explained.
Find out this was his parents.
His father is ill.
Had a gun.
Shoot at his mother five times.
He end up escaping.
His mother was nearly dying.
Witnesses saw the shooting and help her.
She called 911.
Rushed to the hospital.
Ends up surviving.
This was a domestic attack.
However, it makes me think about the tragedy that happened in Orlando.
I find out from him that his father is getting help.
I pray that he does not come face to face to the man who hurt his mother.
I pray that his mother and he can move on.
I pray that he will go back to wrestling.
I know this is his sanctuary.
I pray that his mother to protect herself and her family.
This should never happen.