Sunday, March 6, 2016

Please come to me.

My heart is so lost.
It needs you.
I need you to come to me.
Even if it's a nite or four.
Please come to me my love.
I will be waiting for you.

I know you are wrestling most of the month,
But, I know you need space when you are wrestling.
But, I will support you.
Because I love you.

Please be safe.
I know it's crazy.
You been doing it for years.
But, I need you.

A poem about Zack Sabre Jr.

Zack Sabre Jr is his name.
Winning pro wrestling titles could be his game.
He's the best in the world is his gain.
A man from across the pond,
Is taking the world by storm.
One promotion at a time.

What's this poem about Zack is you ask.
The man beat Roderick Strong last night.
He is the new Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Champion!

What's next for him?
He's going to be in Cleveland and New York after next weekend.
Wrestling Ethan Page, I hope.
I know he's wrestling against Johnny Gargano and Drew Gulak.

Fans know it's his year.
2016 is the year, Zack Sabre Jr dominates pro wrestling.

A poem by Lindsie Starr (c) 2016

My parents are getting a divorce?

I am questioning it.
Fearing it to the day it really happens.
My parents are getting a divorce.
What are the reasons?
My father blames my mother for hoarding.
My mother blames my father for not fixing the house.
I blame on them both for being lazy, liars, and only care for my brother.
Because, they don't care for me.
Actually my father less care for me then my mother does.
But, still, I don't need to be with them in this madness.
Because they failed as parents to give me a life I want.

A life I want to have.
A man I wanted to be with.
A family I want.
A car to drive.
A life so sweet.

But, I can't.
Because my parents failed to do so.
I blame them.
I don't exist to them.

Please judge punish them both.
Don't let one of them have it all.
I should be the one.
I refuse to answer the lawyers' questions.
Because, I know they will make me cry.
I know it so.
I can sue them to every last cent.
Own everything they have.

A poem by Lindsie Starr (c) 2016

I need you. I want you.

I need you.
I want you to talk to me.
Speak to me like in a romantic way.
Speak smoothly if you can.
Speaking in a soothing way.
So, I know you are making me happy.
So, I know you care.

But, what's the reason?
I blame Dalton Castle, that flamboyant wrestler!
He cut a promo on Christopher Daniels in a soothing way!
I know I am nuts.

But please do it.

A poem by Lindsie Starr (c) 2016