Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Huge Title Match

The conference happen.
Contract signed.
Almost start a fight before the match will happen.
They have been separated.
They shock the people.

The night of the huge title match.
Nerves are happening.
He knows that his goal needs to be happen.
In order to have his love.

She was watching at ringside.
Seeing her man getting in the match.
The title is on the line.
The only way they can be in love is for him to win the title.

The match begins.
Everything goes.
How long will this goes?
For as long as it can be.
Fists flying.
Kicks happening.
One counts.
Two counts.
This match is going on!

As the opponent goes for their finisher.
It missed.
He has the opportunity to take it.
Which he does!
Using his own.
To end this long match!

Is it for what it can be!
The bell rings!
A new champion has happened!
With cheers all around!

Tears streaming down his face.
With the championship in his hands.
She watches him and she cries too.
She is brought inside the ring.
He is glad to see her.

The two embraced.
As they went to the back.
He had one thing that he wanted to do.
He ended up proposing her.
He got down on one knee.
With a ring no doubt.
Emerald engagement ring.

He ask her, "Will you marry me"
She says yes.
He place the engagement ring on her finger.
Then he get up.
They kiss.

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