Monday, May 29, 2017

The bitch

I hope he's worth it, you bitch.
You go after anyone and then use them.
To get where you need to be at.
It's a sad situation.

You might as well come after me.
I have no fears.
Since you took him away from me.
You are a selfish bitch.

My friend knows about you.
She knows about your dad too.
I'm surprise he didn't told you to be on your own and not using anyone.
You are a selfish bitch.

I am over him.
He would not admit it.
I rather see someone else.
But, wait, you could be going after someone else, aren't you?

Why are you being on every show?
Why are you are after them?
Why are you using them?
You are the bitch aren't you?

But, wait, you are mad at me?
What did I do?
Wait, you can't be in love with me?

You are just a bitch.
Just a selfish bitch.
Who wants someone.
The bitch wants someone to use!

No, I don't use him.
I care for him.
Used to is more like it.

I don't use him.
I promote him.
But, I can't anymore.
Because of you, bitch!

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