Sunday, May 28, 2017

How can I tell them

She is my love.
My ever so angel.
My savor.
My grace.

She is like me.
Female with beauty.
With strength.

I am me.
Female powered.
With beauty and brains.
Or something else.

But, the fear is that of my family.
Her family knows and they welcome me.
My family is really against this.
Because they believe it's a sin.

How can I tell them this is what I want.
That she is my lover.
She is my soulmate.
She will be my wife!

My father will condemn me!
With hateful words!
My mother will be heartbroken!
She won't accept the terms.
My siblings will be told by my father!
"She is a sinner! She will go to hell! She is not allow to be talk ever again!"

But, when they get into school.
Their teachers will speak to them.
Counselors will help in the matter.
They will let them know.
That they can talk to me.
Because I done nothing wrong.

As for my parents and the rest of the adults who believe this crap that I sinned.
They are lost.
They lost me.
Soon my siblings,
my cousins will follow.
They will rejoice.
They will welcome us in.

If that is all I could say.
How can I tell them that I am a lesbian?
It's a fear that would bother me.
But, this is now.

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