Sunday, May 28, 2017

The night alone

One night off.
He looks at her.
She looks at him.
They wanted to be alone.
From their friends.

She was kinda worried that he wanted to play video games.
But, he has other plans.
They went to somewhere nice.
Something that was new.
She smiled.
He smiled.

They went in and look though the menu.
Sorta expensive in their taste.
But, she can cover it.
After all, she has enough made.
Thanks to plenty of things that she done.

The two enjoy dinner.
After that it was a walk back to their place.
With the moonlight above them.
They look up in the night sky.
With the moon and the stars to see.

They go in.
They go to their place.
They settle in.
But, something was putting him into a way.
To something that he wants to do to her.

She wonders what it is.
She sees it in him.
She knows what will happen.
She wants this to happen.
She will get her wish.

The night alone.

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