Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Always Forever The Sisterhood

I used to have friends, but they never grow up.
Because they rely on me way too much.
But, I have friends who know that I am in love so much.
Valentyna, who really knows.
Dominique, she's understands, but she sometimes tease like sisters we are.
Naomi, whose trying her best to understand, makes me worry a little.
Through it all we always be together online.
I feel that we are together in a dream.
With the guys that we love.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Who I cheer for?

Author's note: Today marks the third anniversary of the death of Lance Kurtis McNaught, also known in the world of Pro Wrestling as Lance Cade. In this poem, I explain how I end up from Lance Cade to WWE's newest talent, Kassius Ohno.

Lance Cade was the reason why I watched WWE.
Then he was released by them.
I follow his career outside of WWE.
Until on this August day 2010, He was gone.
I was lost.
I did not know who I like.
I cheer for Wade Barrett, until I meet Valentyna.
I cheer for Austin Aries on Impact, but that went awry.
But, now there is one man I cheer for and make me care to watch him.
To the WWE Universe he is Kassius Ohno,
But, he will be forevermore as Chris Hero.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Make me feel for you

Lindsie Start (c) 2013

Was it right?

Was it right to do?
I unblock them.
I feel it's wrong.
They really hurt me.
One won't tweet to me back,
And I got mad at Thanksgiving last year.
I swore that I would block.
Then there this other one.
She tweets to him,
He responds.
I'm upset.
I believe she is mocking me.
A friend said that they haven't hurt me.
She said that I should unblock.
I did.
Was it still right?

Is there love?

I just feel sad. Today is the day. My dog died. I found her dead when I was naked. I was scared. I don't know what to do. I just need to,
Reach out for the family love. But, my heart is hallow. All I need is the love. Cause I am sad to say the least. All of this crazy day.

My dog

This poem is about my dog

The best thing in life is what you can hold on for so long.
When you had it since you were young.
By the time you had it for so long.
It time to let it go.
Sadness is happened in my heart.
To hear one last cry.
To find out hours later,
That you are not here in this life.
I cry all naked at your dead body.
Before I called for dad and tell him I'm scared.
All too soon.
My sister,
My dog.