Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Winter Romantic Kiss by Lindsie Starr

A Winter Romantic Kiss

Nights where snow lightly falling would be perfectly magical.
When two men would grasp their women to share a tender kiss.
Only them would know how it went.
Their love for each other is warm like fire.
The women would tell each other about it.
Because they are friends.
Plus they know of the other man.
No matter how they are.
The lovers are who they are.
The friends are who they are.
All this way on a lightly snow night.

I wish for that happen for us.
Her, her love, him, and I.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

There is a... (A sonnet)

There is a Danish YouTuber known as Crainer.
I don't know why, but he's really cool.
He plays Minecraft, that's a no brainer.
Plus he's not cruel.
He tried to do a sonnet for Jordan, but, it did not go well.
But, Jordan did not have a problem with it, because it make him laugh.
When Crainer trolls on Troll Craft, he would type "lel".
He would also do a paragraph in a book for a troll.
Sometimes, Crainer becomes a villain.
When another YouTuber known as Ssundee would do a troll so good.
He would end up fill in plans for a troll.
You should see it when he does it.
Crainer is so cool when he plays Minecraft on his computer.
I feel like he's a tutor!

My favorite YouTuber (A sonnet)

My favorite YouTuber is Jordan Maron and he's so hot.
He's a really great gamer in my mind.
I know that he is not mean.
He is never behind with his videos.
His voice can be great, but he can be funny too.
Minecraft is mostly of his domain.
But, he does other gaming, it will do.
He is not insane.
I know that he does music that I use for my gameplay.
It's really great that you should have a listen.
He has a game on mobile to this day.
It's almost to a glisten of a new game console.
Yeah, don't have me to tell you about his online pseudonym, please!
It's unease to explain it.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A spellbinding love

I feel that this love is magical.
Like a spellbinding love of magic.
Did you made a spell to make me fall in love with you?
Wait, that's a cheesy line!
Actually, no matter what.
You are making me fall in love with you.

Monday, July 18, 2016

I do not want to loose him.

Can I do it?
Can I make it?
I am fearing of losing him.
Even if this is on him.
I do not want to loose him.
He's important to me then anyone.

Monday, June 20, 2016

This morning

Lindsie's Note: Understand this, I am really in shock of what happened and this should never happened to him and to his mother. This what happened today.

Woke up this morning.
Check the phone for notifications.
See someone say something to someone.
Wonder what and why.
Find out something bad happened a week ago.
A man shot his ex-wife.
No reason was explained.
Find out this was his parents.
His father is ill.
Had a gun.
Shoot at his mother five times.
He end up escaping.
His mother was nearly dying.
Witnesses saw the shooting and help her.
She called 911.
Rushed to the hospital.
Ends up surviving.
This was a domestic attack.
However, it makes me think about the tragedy that happened in Orlando.
I find out from him that his father is getting help.
I pray that he does not come face to face to the man who hurt his mother.
I pray that his mother and he can move on.
I pray that he will go back to wrestling.
I know this is his sanctuary.
I pray that his mother to protect herself and her family.
This should never happen.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

My parents are getting a divorce?

I am questioning it.
Fearing it to the day it really happens.
My parents are getting a divorce.
What are the reasons?
My father blames my mother for hoarding.
My mother blames my father for not fixing the house.
I blame on them both for being lazy, liars, and only care for my brother.
Because, they don't care for me.
Actually my father less care for me then my mother does.
But, still, I don't need to be with them in this madness.
Because they failed as parents to give me a life I want.

A life I want to have.
A man I wanted to be with.
A family I want.
A car to drive.
A life so sweet.

But, I can't.
Because my parents failed to do so.
I blame them.
I don't exist to them.

Please judge punish them both.
Don't let one of them have it all.
I should be the one.
I refuse to answer the lawyers' questions.
Because, I know they will make me cry.
I know it so.
I can sue them to every last cent.
Own everything they have.

A poem by Lindsie Starr (c) 2016