Sunday, June 11, 2017

I Do Not Want To

I do not want to fight.
I do not want to harm.
I do not want to have domestic abuse.
I do not want my mother to be sad.
I do not want my mother take full responsibility of my actions.
I do not want to sink so low to his.
I do not want to harm you dad.

But, you don't give mom money.
You don't take care of the house.
You treat us like garbage.
You go out and screw with every last woman.

While mom and Jonathan works.
While all of you think I am doing nothing.
But, I can't let you know what I am really doing.
I am being a YouTuber.
I am being an artist.
I am being a gamer.
I am being a poet.

Once my hard works pay off.
You will be end up living in a nursing home.
Watch by nurses.
Making sure you don't leave.
I will be the winner of this family.
The smart one.
Actually mom will be in a retirement home.
Jonathan will be living in a apartment.

I will be living in Japan.
Will enjoy my newfound life.
Still be popular.

While you, dad, you will be thinking.
"Why did I treated my daughter like trash?"
Without realizing, I am better then you.
Better then mom.
Better then my brother.

But, I do not want to start domestic violence, because of you.

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