Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I am tired.
So are you.
We need our rest.
Can't you see.
You work hard.
So did I.
It's been so long.
Come to bed.
We can talk until we fall asleep.
I know it's not asking much.
But, I am worry about you.

Is something the bother?
Are you need to see the doctor?
I am worry about you.
Just tell me what is wrong.
I am here for you.
Like you are here for me.
We promise each other that we won't give up on each other.
Like the last one did.

You know him.
He knows you.
You know what he done.
Won't admit it.
You told me the truth.
You told me how much you love me.

We should not be fighting.
I know you got mad at me.
Because I said that I want you to win.
You wanted me to win that game.
But, I know you were better.

Come to bed.
I am tired.
But, without, I feel restless.
I am tired.

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