Thursday, June 15, 2017

My friend

My friend.
You are still working on your poems.
I hope you know that I am too.
While I'll be running my channel on YouTube.
Actually two, since I like gaming as well.

I hope you are okay my friend.
I hope your daughter is doing well.
I hope your love is doing well too.
I hope everyone you care for is well.

My mother is not well.
I told you that she has what Mike had.
I hope it's the same in the end.
My brother is going to step up and take care of the both of us.
I wish I was not in this peril of madness.

I wish I could see him.
You know who.
I know he's in Orlando for that gaming thing.
I don't know if he will go back to Japan before coming back to be in Los Angeles.
I hope he doesn't run in to him and her.
Because if he do, you know I will spread rumors.

I don't want to spread rumors.
It's not my style.
But, for the sake of meeting him,
I must stop them both.

They are like those other two.
They are horrible.
All they can't do is shut it.
They push me away.
Like she did.
Away from him.

You are my friend.
You know how it is.
Those four can get bent.
Because they will never speak to me.

I just want to be like them.
You know the chef and his pro wrestler wife.
I want to be successful.
I want to have a man who is a pro wrestler.

You know that is true.
My friend.

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