Thursday, June 15, 2017

My secret and my sin

The secret of this is I am in love with you.
The sin is that I love someone else.
But, the madness that I love you more then him.
You are so funny.
So strong.
You are around my age, plus one.
You are more worth it.
Even though, I enjoy him,
But, you are more of what I need.
You are mature enough.
You do what you love to do.

Plus, you keep those two around.
They are more enjoy to watch.
Heck you three are the best.
You are real more funny.
I really enjoy you.
You are who you are, despite you are under a different name.

Him on the other hand.
I don't know.
All we have in common are our height,
Our eating habits,
And playing that game.

I am nuts,
But, you are the best.
That is why you are being both.
My secret and my sin.

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