Sunday, November 29, 2015

A poem about Chris Hero

I know that a few years ago I learned something.
I know that someone's birthday falls on Christmas Eve.
I did not know why,
Until he said so.
Explains it so much.
I understand now.

According to him,
His mother was pregnant.
She failed to give birth twice.
He did not explain why.
But, on the third try,
She was really hoping to make it on January 30, 1980.
But, on Christmas Eve 1979,
She went to labor way soon.
Was worried about her little bundle of joy.
Soon the baby arrived.
A boy no doubt.
Blessed that he survived Christmas Eve.

After that 18 years later,
On September 12, 1998.
He started to wrestle you see.
Made a name for himself.
Few years in to it,
He trained others.
Mostly the one who is from Switzerland who can do a giant swing!
Sure he's been wrestling for 17 years.
I know that 24 days he's going back to Japan for the 15th time to bring home the gold.

I will be cheering for him.
Here in the USA.
With his friend and tag team partner Colt Cabana at his side to dominate the tag team match.
I will be saying, GO BIG IN USA!

Oh yeah, you want to know who he is?
For those who should got the hint already.
This poem no doubt about it.

He is Chris Hero and he throw elbows and kicks!

It's that time of year...

It's that time of year.
Everyone looking forward to.
Yes, it is Christmas.
Just 26 more days.
Christmas time is coming.
Trees are up and decorated.
Kids doing their Christmas list.

What do I want this year, since I am an adult?
For my brother to be healthy again.
For my mother threaten my father to not make me upset again or she would divorce him.
For Chris Hero and Colt Cabana being GHC Tag Team Champions.
For Tim Donst to be AIW Absolute Champion.
For my friend Anne to come back on Facebook and twitter with a new smartphone that won't break.
For my friend Valentyna to see a certain someone who she wants and her daughter to see.
For myself, money to buy tees, a new laptop, a smartwatch to connect my smartphone, a car so I can drive and see my favorite wrestler, suitcases, and e-giftcards to Starbucks so I can treat everyone. But, I would love to meet Tim Donst and Chris Hero, but, not the same time. They would fight over me!

But, most of all, I want to meet my friends, so we can enjoy some wrestling.

Oh yeah, let there be peace on earth to all mankind and womankind.
To all who are male and female and in between.

That's all I want this year.

It was a crazy day

It was a crazy day yesterday.
My brother is not well.
He can't breath.
Stupid blood pressure.
I hate when it happens.
He should not be sick.
He should be well.
I feel this is my fault,
But it isn't.

However that's not all.
Chris, you sexy human being.
Why on earth did you decided to paint your face?
I guess to psych out your opponent.
Ehh...can't blame you on it.
You did win.
But, please Chris,
Don't do it again!
You are trying to make me speechless!

Oh this was a crazy day!
I am really am loosing it.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

I feel weird

I feel weird because Donovan Dijak favor or like my tweets.
I feel like he likes what I am saying.
I don't know why, but he knows I would say his name.
He's almost like Tim Donst.
Except he does not follow me.
But, Tim Donst does.
Yeah, I feel weird about this.
Also, both Donovan and Tim are wrestling against Chris Hero.
Let the best man wins, I want to say.
But, I feel weird about it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


To everyone who is celebrating Thanksgiving, enjoy my poem.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
It's a time for family new and old.
Celebrate with those you love over turkey or tofukey if you don't like the poultry.
I will enjoy spending Thanksgiving, but I will be on twitter, checking out the IWA Mid-South twitter feed of Thanksgiving Blood Bash.

Don't get me wrong, I am crazy.
But, my family is much crazier.
But, I need some fun.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Emotions are messed with

Emotions are mess with.
I am very happy, sad, mad, and just so lost.
All I need is him.
But, he's wrestling Thanksgiving Night and then some.
I need him to focus.
I want to see if the others knows.
I wish this was rumored and a lie.
My friends please say something.

Because, I don't think he knows.