Wednesday, January 13, 2016

If I won the lottery...

Author Note: I decided to make this poem during this madness that is the Powerball Lottery.

If I win the lottery,
I set my family for good.
If I win the lottery,
I will go after you,
Shelter you,
Give you myself.
I would provide you a way to travel to different cities.
But, my love for you is priceless.
I don't care if you won't accept it.
It's all I have of my emotions.
If you can understand,
I will make you happy,
Like you do for me.
We will have a family.
Plus we will have our mothers to watch them.
I will not spend one dime on hire a nanny way to hotter then any of us.
It's plain stupid.

It all I could say.

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