Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My mind wonders

On a cold snow day,
I was walking home from getting lunch,
My mind starts to wonder,
That I am seeing things.
A man with hazel eyes gleaming,
With blonde hair like the sun almost,
And facial hair so trimmed.
He stands so tall.
I can see him in my mind.
Meeting him would be sweet.
I could see it in my mind.
As I would meet him,
With his smile makes me feels so comfortable,
And his long hands touching mine.
I collapse right in front of him.
He catches me.
Then as I awake,
I hear my name coming out of his mouth.
"Are you okay, Lindsie?" he ask.
"I'm fine, Chris" I said blushing.
That's what it would be like.
To meet Chris Hero.
My crazy mind on this cold snow day.

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