Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Eve: It's Chris Hero's birthday?

December 24th.
It's Christmas Eve.
I know that one more day.
It will be Christmas.
But, suddenly I see on my timeline on twitter.
I know I forgot.
It's Chris Hero's birthday!
It's Chris Hero's birthday?
Yes, it is.
On Christmas Eve!
I need to send him a tweet.
Hope he reads it!
I know this will be good for me!
Yes, I will say it.
"Happy Birthday Chris Hero!"
Oh, I hope he knows!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chris Hero vs. Tim Donst (The prelude)

On that November 29th,
I waited to watch Chris Hero in action.
To see if he beat his opponent.
He did.
Later on I go online to the social media.
I find out that I missed the announcement made by Tim Donst.
That he is facing against Chris Hero on December 27th, Claudio Castagnoli's 33rd birthday.
This is a shocker if you ask me.
Question remains,
Who side I am on?