Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Who I cheer for?

Author's note: Today marks the third anniversary of the death of Lance Kurtis McNaught, also known in the world of Pro Wrestling as Lance Cade. In this poem, I explain how I end up from Lance Cade to WWE's newest talent, Kassius Ohno.

Lance Cade was the reason why I watched WWE.
Then he was released by them.
I follow his career outside of WWE.
Until on this August day 2010, He was gone.
I was lost.
I did not know who I like.
I cheer for Wade Barrett, until I meet Valentyna.
I cheer for Austin Aries on Impact, but that went awry.
But, now there is one man I cheer for and make me care to watch him.
To the WWE Universe he is Kassius Ohno,
But, he will be forevermore as Chris Hero.

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